Arcade rooflights

Polycarbonate arcade rooflights are mostly used for industrial facilities, warehouses, shopping malls and similar industrial or commercial objects.



Glazing and thermal insulation (Uw-value) ​

10 mm 2,40 W/m2K
16 mm 1,78 W/m2K
20 mm 1,55 W/m2K
25 mm 1,39 W/m2K
10+10 mm 1,40 W/m2K
16+10 mm 1,19 W/m2K

Structure of polycarbonate arcade rooflights

They are made of metal upstands, aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panels. Maximal width of the rooflights is 500 cm, the length is not limited. Distance between aluminium profiles is 106,5 cm. Standard color is nature aluminium, according to request can be painted to any RAL color.

Opening systems

Jesihova Družba - Prezračevanje- svetlobni trakovi


Electric opening (230VAC). Standard opening height: 300mm. In combination with wind and rain sensor, the domes automatically close in the event of rain or strong winds.

Jesihova Družba - Odvod dima in toplote svetlobni trakovi


Automatic opening according to the EN 12101-2:2003 (NSHEV): - mechanism with pneumatic cylinder CO2 - mechanism with electric spindle actuator 24/48V - control panels with emergency batteries (up to 72h)

Jesihova Družba - kovinski venci

Metal upstands

They are made of galvanized metal sheets and can be painted to RAL 9002 or other colors. Standard heights are 30 and 50 cm. On request also other heights are available - maximum height is 90 cm.

Jesihova Družba -Svetlobni trakovi - zaščitne mreže

Fall-through protection

Safety nets for fixed and opening arcade rooflights. They can be galvanized or/and colored to RAL.

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